Alternatives to College”, a Directory From Ryan Craig’s New Book, A New U, is Now Live at

WhatsBestforMe, Inc. Partners with Ryan Craig and Cassidy Leventhal of University Ventures to Create Online Version of Alternatives to College Directory

| Source: WhatsBestforMe, Inc.

BOCA RATON, Fla., May 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With a goal to help under-employed college graduates and other young adults identify alternative pathways to more rewarding employment, WhatsBestforMe, Inc., with Ryan Craig and Cassidy Leventhal of University Ventures, today launched, an online directory of over 200 faster and cheaper alternatives to college.

The announcement was made by L. Joseph Schmoke, founder and CEO, WhatsBestforMe, Inc. and Ryan Craig, managing director, University Ventures and author, A New U, published in late 2018 and for which the directory was originally created.

The comprehensive, constantly updated web-based directory provides information and links to more than 200 boot camps, apprenticeships, coding academies, online short courses and other alternatives to a college degree.  As concerns continue to mount over the cost and value of a traditional college education, intriguing options as well as supplements to a degree are growing rapidly in the US and around the world.

“When I read Ryan Craig’s book, A New U, I was not only drawn to his broader argument – the need to reimagine the future of higher education – but also to his practical advice that many learners today can thrive with efficient and affordable training and postsecondary education offered as an alternative or supplement to college,” said Mr. Schmoke.  “The appendix to his book – A Directory of Faster + Cheaper Alternatives to College – caught my eye and I thought it would work well as the basis for a web site that would be accessible to a broad swath of the public.  I’ve known Ryan Craig for several years, and I’m pleased that he agreed.”

“While policy makers and college faculty and administrators have taken an interest in A New U, my intended audience was always families trying to figure out the best postsecondary pathway to a good first job, or a better job,” said Mr. Craig. “The heart of the book has always been the directory of faster + cheaper pathways – i.e., pathways that don’t require a four-year degree – to good digital jobs. I’m delighted that What’sBestforMe has turned the directory into a dynamic online resource that may be helpful to thousands of families.”

Cassidy Leventhal, vice president at University Ventures, led the creation of the directory and cooperated with Mr. Schmoke’s effort to create a web-based location for the directory. “I’m excited that the directory will now have an online ‘home’ where students and graduates can find the most up-to-date digital career paths,” said Ms. Leventhal. “The last-mile training sector moves quickly, so it’s great that we can share these opportunities in real-time.”

Barry Layne, chief operating and chief marketing officer, WhatsBestforMe, Inc., led the team developing and will be spearheading the creation of an Alternatives to College app, which will be made available later this year.

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Jim Boyle